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Company Profile Millennium Exploration Company, LLC is a privately held oil and natural gas exploration and production enterprise founded in 2006, and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Geographically focused, Millennium specializes in developing and producing reserves in the Gulf Coast regions of Texas. History Millennium Exploration Company was founded by Mr. Richard Monroy in July of 2006 as a fully integrated oil and gas exploration group. Mr. Monroy assembled a team of experts to conceive, drill, complete and manage high quality oil and gas prospects. Mr. Monroy started his career as a licensed broker selling oil and gas interests for two local brokerage firms before branching out independently. Through the years his knowledge of oil and gas prospects grew from the financing side, spilling over to the areas of geology, engineering and field operations management. Armed with this knowledge, Mr. Monroy took his savings and purchased an interest in a North Texas oil well launching what would become Millennium Exploration Company.

Millennium Exploration's Interests & Activities:

Millennium Exploration Company, LLC is focused on the exploration, development and production of upstream assets in the crude and natural gas windows of the Texas Gulf Coast Region. We specialize in high resolution 3-D Seismic supported prospects and have a network of professionals that seek out undervalued oil and gas properties for MEC and our partners to exploit. Today, MEC has developed over 70 wells and holds working interests in approximately 100,000 acres in oil and gas producing Texas counties.